Sixth Form

Bursary Applications (from September 2016)


To receive a bursary the student must be under 19 on or before 31-08-16 to apply for the Bursary and must satisfy EFA residency criteria.

Evidence requirement:

Evidence of household income by way of a P60, Receipt of Benefit Notification, Tax Credit Award Notification or Self Employed Income Notification must be provided to the school Finance Office along with the completed application form.

Level One: (£1,200 per year):

A Young Person in Care; A Care Leaver; a young person in receipt of Income Support; a disabled young person in receipt of employment and support allowance who is also in receipt of disability living allowance.

Level Two A (£510 per year):

Students who are eligible for free school meals or whose household income is less than £16,190.00 per year (being the 2011/12 earnings threshold for free school meals).

Level Two B (£400 per year):

Students whose household income is between £16,191 and £20,816 per year.

Application Process and Payments.

All applications for a Bursary are to be made to the school Finance Office.

The Abbey School will then process the information by the end of September and will advise you, in writing, of the outcome.

The Abbey School will also have to complete a Funding Claim form which will be sent to the Learner Support service for any student eligible for the Level One fund.

All eligible bursary payments will be attendance related and back-dated to the start of the courses the student has enrolled upon.

All bursary payments will be paid by cheque and will be subject to the conditions laid down in the 16–19 Bursary Contract. These include attendance, behaviour, completion of coursework and completion of courses enrolled upon.

Payments will be made in three instalments of equal amounts. Payments will be made in November, February and May.

In year applications will be considered and applications are to be with the Finance Office by the 15th of each month, subject to the funds being available.

Kent 16+ Travel Card – bursary use

As per Kent County Council guidelines, any student in receipt of a Kent 16+ Travel Card will have their bursary used by the school to reduce their Travel Card cost. The Travel Card costs £400, so a Level 1 student will receive £800 plus a Travel Card, a Level Two A student will receive £110 plus a Travel Card and a Level Two B student would have the cost of the Travel Card covered in full.

Discretionary Fund

The Abbey School will operate a discretionary payment system to any students in the Football Academy who do not live within a seven-mile radius of the school. This discretionary allowance is for £200 and will be paid directly towards travel costs. As with the Bursary payment, this will be paid in three instalments in November, February and May.

This payment is based on attendance. Authorised attendance falling below 95% or lateness over 5% (more than 5 minutes late to any timetabled period) will mean the next instalment will not be paid.

Security of Personal Information

All applications will be made through the Finance Office. All personal information, including bank details and household earnings, will be stored securely and will remain strictly confidential.

Internal Appeals Process

Students have a right to appeal against a decision if they have evidence that the school has made a mistake and that they have behaved in accordance with the terms of the 16–19 Bursary Fund contract. Appeals should be made to Mrs L Temple (Director of Extended Services) in the first instance. If a further appeal is to be requested then this will be heard by a Governor’s sub-committee of 2 members including a school governor and a neutral member of staff.


Parent/Carer and the student must confirm that all information provided is true and must notify The Abbey School if any circumstances change. The bursary will be provided on the basis that certain conditions set by the school, as detailed in the Bursary Contract, will be adhered to. Parents and students will be required to jointly sign applications so that they understand that money may be claimed back and eligibility withdrawn should they knowingly provide information which is discovered to be false.

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If, as parent or guardian of a student attending this school, you require a paper copy of the information on this website, we shall provide this free of charge.
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