PE Prize Giving

On Tuesday 16th June the P.E department had their annual Sports Prize Giving ceremony.

This is an event when we praise all of our sports teams and present player of the year, most improved player and Sportsman/Sportswoman of the Year and Team of the Year.


The Head and Deputy were there to present awards, though our guest speaker Hannah BeHarry, a boxer for England and Great Britain was by far the best guest speaker we have ever had .She was inspirational and gripped our students with her story and inspiring words.


GCSE Practical Assessment – JN

The GCSE practical assessment day was a fantastic success. The students were absolutely brilliant and really stepped up to the plate. Many students felt outside their comfort zone yet still pushed themselves to outperform their targeted grades. This was a huge factor in enabling them to bolster their grades prior to the exam. As such, we expect some strong grades from a number of students come August.


Over the past two terms we have been rigorously involved in both an internal round of BTEC verification and an external round of BTEC sampling/verification. I can confirm that the department is becoming very strong at understanding the policies and procedures involved in this, that the work being produced by the students is of a high standard, and that the teachers’ marking is accurate and their feedback is constructive.

GCSE and BTEC Predictions for Summer 2015

Overall, we predict some excellent results for both the GCSE and BTEC cohorts in Years 11 and 13. Current estimations suggest that all Key Stage 5 students will pass the course, with many students achieving Distinction and Distinction* grades. In Year 11 all but three students will achieve a Level 2 Pass (equivalent to a C grade) or higher, with many students achieving Merits and Distinctions.

In Year 9, we had a Blue Pathways group of students who all achieved a Level 1 Pass – a fantastic achievement for these students to bank a GCSE within one year.

Assessment – Life Without Levels

Over the past term the department has worked hard to establish a new assessment framework that will work in line with the school’s policies and procedures and be beneficial to all students in P.E. We believe that what we have produced is a practical and robust framework that will suit the needs of all learners and allow our staff the assess students in away that allows them to progress in all facets of P.E. We also feel that our new structure will encourage staff to produce outstanding teaching practice on a regular basis.

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