Boys Softball

Year 7

The Year 7 boys have made a great start to their first ever softball campaign. Having only ever played the sport this year they have competed well against all schools. Two narrow defeats against strong Q.E and Herne Bay High sides highlighted the boy’s ability to compete at a high standard. They managed to secure overwhelming victories over both CCW and St Anselms, showing their class. The team has made significant progress with their technical ability and tactics and look forward to continuing the sport throughout the summer.


Year 8

The Year 8 Boys Softball Team has been a work in progress this season. We have had a strong core of excellent players who have adapted well from softball in PE lessons to competitive intra-school softball. Students such as Jacob Tucker, Lewis Smith, Alfie Gramson, Henry Balfour, Harvey Sainsbury and Danny Partis have been integral to this process. As it stands we have played 4 games, winning convincingly against Spires Academy and narrowly losing to Archbishops, Herne Bay High and QE. The boys are looking forward to our last game against Barton Court and feel that strong progress has been made throughout the summer. If the boys stick together they will certainly have a strong squad in Year 9.


Year 9

New horizons loom for Abbey School students with the inception of a new District Softball League. After a number of after school training sessions the Year 9 team were ready for their first competitive match against another school. In a home and away league format including Canterbury Academy, Queen Elizabeth’s and Herne Bay High our boys are performing very well, tasting both defeats and victories along the road. We still have a number of fixtures to complete before we know where in the league we will finish but I’m hopeful for a top two spot.

Stand-out performances have come from “ever-dependant” Zak Benfield and Lewes Clifford. Lewes has never represented the school in sport before now and has displayed himself superbly well whilst slowly learning how to accept defeat and celebrate victory with the necessary decorum!

From the outside looking in, Softball can be perceived as a simple game to compete in. This could not be further from the truth, however, as our students have journeyed on a very steep learning curve to understand and put into action the multitude of tactical decisions and rules that make up the game. With continued support from students and local schools alike, Softball will, no doubt, go from strength to strength in our district.

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