Students interview academy player M Robinson about being part of a sport!

“If you put the work in you can achieve anything!M Robinson.

Today we interviewed M Robinson on how sport has influenced his life.


How did you first get into sport? Is football the only sport that you take part in?

I first got into sport through my Dad at the age of three. Watching my Dad play football all of the time made me want to do just the same. At the start of secondary school I played a variety sports however, as I went up through the years I realised that football was the sport I wanted to pursue.

What makes you passionate about sport? Who would you say was your inspiration?

The positive environment, the social side and the friends that I have made for life make me passionate to play. I love the feeling of being part of a team and of being able to work so closely alongside my friends to achieve something.

My Dad and my Grandad are my inspiration as they brought me up to really enjoy sport and taught me how to be a good sportsman and player. They certainly passed on their love of sport to me!

What do you think are the most positive things about being part of a sport?

The team spirit is good because it allows you to make many friends, which creates a positive vibe. The friends I have made through sport is one of the key factors for me, as I really do not think I would be the person I am now without them.

What have you personally found to be the negative side of sport?

I have found that injuries are the most negative side of sport. I dislocated my knee a few years back and it put me out of action for a while, which at the time it can be devastating. Even after the healing process has taken place, it can still leave you with lasting effects so injury is definitely one of the negative sides to sport.

So, you have just been offered a scholarship at Queens University of Charlotte in North Carolina America. Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

When I go to America, I would ideally love to end up playing professionally in the MLS (Major League Soccer). If this does not work out for me, I will come back and try to pursue a professional career in football here in England.

How do you feel football has influenced positively in your life?

It has given me a real focus in life and I feel my life would be a little dull without football in it. The Dover Athletic Football Academy has really opened up lots of doors for me and without the guidance and support of M Sandmann (Academy Manager), I do not believe I would have been able to gain the scholarship I have. I feel I started out in the academy as quite an average player but being able to train everyday has really allowed me to develop my technique and given me time to become the best player I can be.

How do you use your position within sport influence the next generation of young people?

I would like to be a role model to younger people and for all young people to really believe that they are capable of doing whatever they put their minds to. I really believe that if you put the work in, you can achieve anything.

We would like to wish M Robinson the best of luck in North Carolina and would like to thank him for his time.

By Joel, Sam and Tom (Year 8)

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