BBC School Report 15th March 2018

Students in years 8 and 9 at The Abbey School, Faversham are gearing up for their BBC School News Report day on the 15th March 2018.


Throughout the day, the students will be transforming from ‘normal’ school students to fully fledged BBC School Reporters, which means that they have an ‘access all areas pass’ to help them cover the variety of stories that they have been carefully researching. The stories include key issues that the students feel passionate about, like the pressures of social media on young people and the positives to being involved in sport. 


All of this hard work is being supported by English teachers Miss Bishop and Miss Le-Brunn, who are using their English, Media and Drama expertise to teach interviewing and research skills.


We look forward to BBC News Report day!

Students interview with Nick Robinson BBC Political editor

Please, click the links below to listen to our student's interview Nick Robinson the BBC Political editor.

  1. Emma
  2. Lewis
  3. Louie
  4. Molly
  5. Oscar

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Students interview staff on the subject of Brexit!


Reporters day out at BBC Broadcasting House


Students interview staff on the subject of Donald Trump!

An extremely successful day for the Abbey School BBC News School Reporters!

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Students meet Rizzle Kicks at the BBC studios!

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Students working hard at The Abbey to raise awareness of Mental Health & Wellbeing in young people!


615 million people suffer from anxiety and/or depression

During 2003-2013 (In England) 13,972 deaths were identified as suicides. This approximately, on average, 1270 suicides per year.

We asked some students at The Abbey School about their personal views on this topic.

Olivia said...


“Mental health is a deep topic, especially for teenagers, as lots of them now-a-days have depression, anxiety and are very insecure with themselves; especially their bodies. I believe that some young people do not know where to find support to overcome their challenges, so a greater awareness needs to take place to support young people suffering from these issues."
Louis said...
"I believe that if mental health is spoken and thought about more, as is starting to happen, the numbers of people suffering from mental health issues will decrease. The support for young people facing these issues is continually on the increase so things can only get better and better."

Many people suffer from depression and it is a rising problem in with there being more support and medication to stop and prevent depression/anxiety.

So with a conscious effort being made to increase the awareness about this issue, and the continuation of people working together to create more support systems, let’s hope that it becomes less and less of a problem.

Written by Isobel & Ellie (The Abbey School Faversham)

 Abbey School students arrive at BBC Studios for the BCC News School Report day!

IMG 1798

Breaking News!

Students discuss mental health in young people to raise awareness!

Abbey School students prepare their interviews!


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