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Food Technology

Mrs J Gower
Ms P Jones

Department Vision

The Food Technology Department has a vision that all students can strive to be confident when being creative in lessons and develop their own independent creative journey throughout KS3. A successful Food technology student will have the courage to use ideas of their own to enhance basic recipes while being happy in the knowledge that they will be encouraged to do so. They should be proud to take their work home and gain greater knowledge and improved problem solving skills for their future.

Food technology should be where students of all abilities are able to have an outlet for their creativity and expression, above all they should be able to achieve their potential in a safe, nurturing and exciting environment. We teach skills that will last a lifetime, promote independence and prove most useful on a day to day basis.

Lower School: KS3 (Year 7 and 8)

All students at the Abbey School follow a programme of learning aimed at practical basic skill building. The programme teaches students the value of a healthy nutritionally balanced diet and how best to achieve it. Students produce a range of popular dishes designed to build skills and understanding of the subject.

Upper School: KS4 (Year 10 and 11)

Students can continue their studies in Food Technology to GCSE level. We currently offer AQA Food and Nutrition. Classes are mixed ability with approximately 19 students per class, students are allocated 5, 1 hour lessons over a two week rota

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