Mrs Aslett

Head of Learning

Mrs Aslett - Head of Learning
Mr Edgeworth - Product Design
Ms Gabriel - Textiles
Mrs Gower - Food Preparation

Department Vision


Our vision is that all students strive to be confident when being creative in lessons and develop their own independent characteristic throughout KS3, which they can then bring into KS4.


During KS3 students do one lesson a week of food preparation and one lesson a week of creative technology, which is product design and textiles mixed with digital technology. 


Through a variety of creative and practical activities, students will be taught knowledge, understanding and skills, which enable them to generate imaginative and purposeful ideas. This is extended into our KS4 vision whereby we want our students to:


  • Be equipped with skills needed for the world of work;
  • Stay abreast of current developments in creative qualifications to ensure that these meet the needs of students and the school;
  • Build confidence and have a ‘can do’ attitude;
  • Encourage engagement in work based experience within school;

This then ensures a pathway to success!

Key Stage 3


Creative TechnologyIMG2

Within the creative technology rotation students learn about and make use of the properties of materials when making an informed choice about the products they are designing, adapting or making. In Product Design students, will use woods, plastics and metals to make a variety of products, that also enable them to use the different workshop tools. They will also use Computer Aided Design software and Computer Aided Manufacture machines to create projects. Students in Textiles will do a variety of skill building based projects that will include tie dyeing, applique, component application and embroidery. They will also be taught how to use and set up the sewing machines, as well as how to use other textiles tools.


Food PreparationIMG4

Within the food classrooms, students learn how to cook a variety of different food products and how they can apply the principles of nutrition and healthy eating, so that they have a love of cooking instilled in them. Learning how to cook is a crucial life skill that enables students to feed themselves and others affordably and well, now and in later life.


Key Stage 4


Product Design

In Product Design, students look into a variety of materials and equipment. Their product can either be a mp3 player or a small storage container.




In Textiles, students look into a variety of fabrics and decorative techniques, whilst using a variety of different machines and hand skills. Their product is either based on ‘The Natural World’ or ‘The Best of British’.


Food Preparation & Nutrition

In FPN, students have 5 core areas to investigate including food nutrition and health, food science, food safety, food choice and food provenance. They must complete two coursework’s – a food science investigation and a 3-hour practical examination.


Smart Product Design & Manufacture


This course enables students to apply “computer based intelligence” in to a product that they design and make. There is an emphasis on them using a range of computer software and equipment to do this.


Design Technology: Textiles

On this course students study the 4 core principles of design and technology – Textiles, Resistant Materials, Electronics and Graphics. From then they will produce a coursework project that is based purely on Textile concepts.


Our offer for GCSE starting September 2018


Level 1 / 2 Award Fashion and Textiles

Level 1 / 2 Award Food and Catering

Level 1 / 2 Award Materials Technology

Smart Product Design and Manufacture


Homework and Marking


We encourage students to use their planners for writing in homework, to help them with their organisational skills. However, to aid the students we also set homework through Show My Homework, so both students and parents can keep track of work set and test/deadline dates.


In the department we mark 1 to 2 pieces of work a term, based on a variety of different tasks, so that students can map their learning and we can assess which areas of strengthen they have.


Sincerely, The Creative Technology Department



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